Prevent misfortune

Does your innovation slow down? Are you sure you do not infringe on the rights of others? How do you find it out? Entrepreneurs often spend months on hard development work. How do you prevent sudden stops that result from patent rights? Competition is also going forward. Probably working as hard on competing solutions and filing patent applications. That is why monitoring patents is very useful.

A well-known example is the foldable iPad case that allows you to set it at an angle. Imagine that you were developing this idea without knowing about a competition that not only created something similar, but also protected it. With patent monitoring you can keep track of your competition and prevent from unfavourable situations.

What do your competitors do?

Patent monitoring also provides insight into the development of competitors. It is very likely that you could protect these solutions with your own patent. By reviewing such matters, you can take the necessary steps in advance. Imagine that you have developed and protected a mechanism to facilitate the spread of self-stick. By monitoring patents in time, you will recognize that your competitors are protected by your patent. You can react early to stop their actions.

Do you see chances on the market?

Patent monitoring gives you the opportunity to explore the niche in competition research: so-called market niches. With this information, you can tailor your actions and be one step ahead of the competitors.

Let us suppose that no manufacturer has patented the idea of rotating and folding screen in the camera. With the technical know-how you developed, you could create it. By monitoring patents you could find out about this niche in the patent literature of rivals.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

Patent monitoring is another service offered by AOMB. Patent monitoring is a regular review of recently published patents in any of the selected countries or regions. Patent attorneys from AOMB are constantly looking for patents to be able to visualize the latest advances in your field. For a relatively small annual fee, you will receive a quarterly report. We provide continuous control to avoid wasting your development efforts. In addition, you can take early action if the competition violates your property rights. In addition, you can explore niches in competitor patent applications that you can use. The cost of patents checks starts at 690 EUR per year. This includes an examination of the 5 competitors indicated, and does not include a one-off initial fee of 275 EUR. Prices do not include VAT.