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AOMB Polska
You surely  know that success  belongs to  people with ideas. Continuous development and innovation are essential for success. This is why protection of ideas is a natural thing to do if you want to prevent third parties from being allowed to produce, sell or use your product, method or device. Who can best help you with this goal?
Patent attorney – a professional  agent for protecting your ideas!
AOMB Polska specializes in protecting your knowledge and creativity to enable you to convert your ideas into a success.

Mission statement

Consulting on  inventions, trademarks, design and licensing is a task for professionals. Therefore, knowledge and experience of our team are essential and we believe that they are the basis of your success. We can help to protect your knowledge and creativity so that you can turn your ideas into a success, also  financial one. We are used to working with ambitious people, and it requires a lot of skills. We can listen and hear your wishes and dreams.
We like to connect our  and your knowledge. Many our clients appreciate it. They are inspired by information from related fields and patterns to follow. The technical information we have at our disposal may even help to improve your ideas. By asking the right questions, we can help you better understand what we can and can not do for you. We highly value personal contact but we are not afraid of remote contact.

Welcome to AOMB Polska!

Dear Clients,
AOMB Polska is a byword for the supreme, European service level. It is possible due to devotion
and daily work of  our Polish and European patent attorneys. We have over 13 years of
experience in providing intellectual property law protection services and we can help you:
– to obtain patents for inventions (Polish, European and other in other countries of your choice,
– to obtain protective rights for utility models,
– to register and protect trade marks (both in Poland and European Union – EUTM),
– to create a strategy of industrial propriety protection in your company,
– to check whether your product can be protected or whether it can be manufactured,
– for this purpose we carry out patent search and trademark search services.
In addition, we are able to help also in case of:
– infringement of patent or trade mark – acts of unfair competition,
– domain disputes ( for instance when someone wants to use your reputation by using delusional alike URL address for running a business.
In each of the above matters we will help you find a satisfactory solution. Please just contact us!
Dr Jakub Sielewiesiuk
Partner, President of the Board