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The continuous development of the AOMB Polska Patent Office, which was established in 2009, resulted in the opening of other offices in 4 different cities in Poland. The Patent Office Cracow is located in the antique “Stary Mlyn” loft, which is the central point of the historic industrial district of Zablocie. The unique atmosphere of Zablocie attracts creative and enterprising people from business, cultural and intellectual backgrounds. Thanks to the implementation of a comprehensive revitalization plan, it is turning into a beautiful and modern part of the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

  • Cracow
  • Cracow

    Zabłocie 25/33
    30-701 Cracow

    T (+48) 12 311 07 77


Meet AOMB in Cracow

Patent Office Cracow

The AOMB Polska branch in Cracow is located in a unique space with an atmosphere conducive to creative work. Its incredible advantage is well-developed public transportation, including tram lines, river trams, bus lines and the railway with the Cracow Zablocie station. It enables easy access for customers from any part of the city. The patent attorneys representing the AOMB Polska Office appreciate the possibility of personal contact. However, in the era of ubiquitous digitization, we are fully prepared for the remote execution of orders.

Patent attorneys Cracow – passionate professionals

The AOMB Polska team has excellent interpersonal skills. As a result, professionals can flawlessly sense clients’ needs and meet all their expectations. Undoubtedly, the ability to listen and draw the correct conclusions, as well as direct thoughts and actions in the right direction, can turn an idea into a success. A complex team of competent people who excel in teamwork and individual contact with the client also holds great significance in our daily work. Moreover, the services provided by patent offices in Cracow require the attorneys to constantly expand their competencies, follow the latest technological discoveries, and closely cooperate with many institutions and enterprises that need professional assistance in industrial property protection.

  • How can our patent attorney Cracow help you?

    Cracow is a city abounding by many renowned universities and colleges, respected institutions, innovative enterprises and other places that attract creative and ambitious people whose revolutionary inventions deserve the best protection. How do you obtain a patent and create an industrial property protection strategy, or what conditions must you meet to register a trademark? In such a competitive world, the legal protection of an invention is almost as important as the innovative discovery itself. Don’t let anyone else benefit from your hard work! A patent attorney will help you comprehensively protect a product, method or device.

Meet our other offices

AOMB Polska Sp. z o.o. has an office in Warsaw town centre, the Warsaw Unit, in a coworking Biznes Zone in Lodz, in Mielec and the Wroclawski Park Technologiczny in Wroclaw.