AOMB Polska can also help you with other aspects of industrial property protection in your company

We also offer assistance in the field of fighting with an unfair competition. In particular, we help in cases involving misleading indications of goods,  copycats or fraudulent indications of geographical origin of goods or services, misleading indications of goods or services, imitation of products.

 We also deal with domain disputes. Nowadays, most of the businesses on the market have at least one internet domain. The same is true with the trademark, whose registration is now undoubtedly a necessity. As it turns out, these two spheres are connected, e.g. an internet domain can be a trademark or a trademark may be included in an internet address. If an entrepreneur fails to register a domain with the name of his company or product or fails to protect his or her trademark mark in a relevant office or international organization, then he is exposed to competition that is often not fair. There are known and commonly encountered examples  such as cybersquatting consisting in registering an Internet domain that contains another trademark for resale, or reporting a trademark to another in the Patent Office – also to obtain a remuneration from the person who de facto uses the trademark in trade economic.