When the initiative of Frank Reijnen, Hans Dohmen and Jakub Sielewiesiuk – called AOMB Polska – started in July 2009, hardly one expected that it would develop into one of leading practices in Poland, specializing in industrial property. Just then Jakub Sielewiesiuk – the first Polish patent attorney who, while already having qualified as a Polish patent attorney, became European attorney by passing the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) – started building a team of professionals with top qualifications. Adrianna Zięcik joined this team in 2011, which ignited a dynamic development of the trademark and design practice. The subsequent years witnessed a systematic expansion of the portfolio of clients and cooperation of numerous institutes and companies, who needed professional assistance in intellectual property protection. Accordingly, AOMB Polska grew in the number of staff and a branch office was opened in Kraków. Beginning of 2016 brought another milestone – merging operations with the private practice Klar i Partnerzy of Mielec. At the same time, Damian Krężel and Filip Klar – attorneys and partners in Klar i Partnerzy –  joined the team of AOMB Polska. Our dynamic development forced us to hire a bigger office, which happened in December 2016, when we left our desks located within the legal practice of CMS Cameron McKenna in the Warsaw Financial Center and moved to our own premises, located a few floors lower, in the same building.
Our mission is to provide top quality services to our clients. We have been doing this with care for over 10 years, providing IP protection to Polish and foreign entities. In July 2019, we happily celebrated our 10th anniversary. Currently, our team consists of 39 people and we are located in five Polish cities.
Where will we be in the next decade?