We are Polish! We are European! 

AOMB Polska is a team of highly qualified professionals educated and trained both in Poland and abroad. At present we have 11 patent attorneys in our team, including 6 European patent attorneys authorized to act before the European Patent Office and 5 patent attorneys authorized to act before the European Union Intellectual Property Office. All European patent attorneys have passed the EQE qualification exam. High level of internationalization at AOMB is also linked to the Dutch patent company Algemeen Octrooi Merkenbureau B.V., that has its headquarter in Eindhoven, the industrial center of the Netherlands. Recently AOMB B.V. has celebrated its 50th anniversary on the local market, while AOMB Polska proudly celebrated our 10th anniversary on the Polish market. On a daily basis we perform works on request of foreign clients from all over the world. All our staff are fluent in English and some patent attorneys and specialists also speak German, Russian and French. This allows us to proudly point out that we are Europeans and at the same time we know the Polish and Eastern characteristics.


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