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In the era of constantly growing competition, it is crucial to distinguish your business from companies operating in a similar industry. Success is measured by innovation and the constant pursuit of business development by implementing unique solutions. Obtaining a monopoly on a new idea requires going through the invention protection procedure, which a patent attorney Wroclaw will assist. Wroclaw is one of the cities where you can meet AOMB specialists in person, who will develop the best strategy for your business. We are also open to remote cooperation for your convenience and to improve communication.

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    Wrocławski Park Technologiczny, budynek Alfa
    ul. Klecińska 123
    54-413 Wroclaw

    T (+48) 530 650 690


Patent Office Wroclaw – necessary services in one place

Our mission is to support entrepreneurial people in their pursuit of success through consulting in the field of inventions and innovative ideas. We provide comprehensive services in the area of patent protection in Wroclaw, which includes analyzing the registration capacity and developing the necessary documentation. We will also guide you through all the procedures, from applying to obtaining a patent.

Registering a trademark prevents abuse by unfair competition and gives you the exclusive right to use the sign. Our patent attorneys from Wroclaw are also experienced in handling cases seeking to protect products, services, designs, inventions and other intellectual property. Our offer addresses businesses and private individuals who want to secure their copyright ideas legally. Patent Office Wroclaw also deals with resolving domain disputes and verifying trademark infringements.

  • Patent attorney Wroclaw – trust the specialists!

    Registration of an invention is a complex process that consists of many stages. We know that complicated procedures can effectively discourage the application of protection of an invention, but it is not worth giving up such a possibility. Our Patent Office in Wroclaw will take over all the duties related to representing you to relieve you of the formalities. As specialists, we are fearless of challenges and have experience handling complex proceedings requiring extensive knowledge and a non-standard approach. At the Patent Office in Wroclaw, we strive for a successful conclusion of the case while being guided by professional ethics and ensuring the highest level of customer service.

    Feel free to contact us and arrange a consultation with our patent attorney in Wroclaw.

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AOMB Polska Sp. z o.o. has an office in the Warsaw town centre, most specifically in the Warsaw Unit, as well as in “Stary Młyn”, the antique loft in Cracow, in the ORION Business Tower building in Lodz, in Mielec and the Wrocławski Park Technologiczny in Wroclaw.