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Department Patents and Utility Models division, Management, Patent attorneys

Jakub Sielewiesiuk

Name: Jakub Sielewiesiuk

Job title: Partner, President of the Board of Directors Patent attorney, European patent attorney

Department: Patents and Utility Models division, Management, Patent attorneys

Phone: +48 22 520 8473



Employed at AOMB since


Business location


Expertises and work fields

Management of the company, acquisition of clients; coordination of tasks of patent attorneys; representation of clients in industrial property matters; preparation and filing of patent applications; creating strategyies for managing industrial property in companies


2010 – European patent attorney (EQE qualified)
2008 – Polish Patent attorney,
Establishing cooperation with the Dutch firm AOMB BV
2007 – Completion of postgraduate studies on protection of intellectual property
2002 – Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences
1999 – MA in theoretical physics
1997 – Bachelor’s degree in the field of mathematical modelling of phenomena

About myself

I am married and have two daughters. I like travelling and enjoy bicycling, skiing and waveboarding. In my spare time I like to read, watch movies or listen to music. I grow plants unprofessionally. If I could choose a profession again I would become a patent attorney, but sooner in my professional career. :)